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Even Children Can Benefit From Meditation

Families Making Time For Meditation Can Often Counterbalance The Negative Effects of Stress

With our 24/7 way of life finding time for meditation each day, a time and place for reflection, for simply sitting still has all but disappeared. Perhaps it is this lack of quiet space in our homes that has caused so many of us to rely on heartburn and anti-anxiety pills, and the whole gamut of stress-reducing medicines. Making time for meditation is an excellent way to counterbalance the negative effects of stress on our health.

Begin To Make Time For Meditation

You can begin to make time for meditation in many ways. Designate a quiet space in your home where you can go to reflect and center yourself each day. In the workplace, take a few minutes each day for meditation. Designate a fifteen-minute "closed door" time, preferably at the beginning of your lunch hour for quiet meditation. Give yourself quiet time and quiet space each day where you practice meditation or simply quiet the mind.

Enhance Your Meditation

Enhance your meditation by lighting a candle, burning some incense. Play gentle music. Add the sound of flowing water to your meditation space with a small indoor fountain. Take a walk in the woods. Nature provides us with space for meditation.

Even Children Can Benefit From Meditation

Even children can benefit from meditation. Call a family meeting and designate a time, a few days each week when meditation time is respected. Sign your children up, too, for a group meditation class. Use your imagination. When you tap into that quiet space within, a world of possibilities will open to you...and your children!

Learn More About Making Time For Meditation

Stacey Shipman, founder of Let It Flow, has created a unique at-home meditation webinar available through KidsTerrain at In this beginner's meditation webinar you'll explore the importance of creating a time for meditation. Through guided meditation and breath work, Stacey Shipman will teach you and your children skills for developing a healthier response to stress and cultivating a peaceful mindfulness. Need more information? Go to our FAQs page and read more about the benefits of finding your quiet space and meditation.

"Children are the keys of paradise."
-Richard Henry Stoddard