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Volunteerism and the Workplace

Summary: Finding time to set aside for volunteer work is challenging for many employees. Reconciling the high demands of the workplace (and the home) with volunteer activities can present quite a juggling act.

Many employers see their businesses as a 24/7 commitment-and Blackberries, PDAs, cell phones, and home computers make it more and more impossible to "leave" the office.

Here are a few issues and concerns you may want consider:

  • Look for online volunteer projects you can do via a home or work computer; such as letter writing, teletutoring, grant research
  • Reduce overtime
  • Ask your HR department or manager about corporate-sponsored volunteer activities
  • Consider designing a workplace volunteer program that's perfect for your company

Here are a few suggestions employees can explore with their employers:

  • Discuss the potential opportunities and benefits that community involvement can bring to the company and its employees
  • Offer release time for volunteer work
  • Consider flexible work arrangements
  • Find ways to coordinate employees' volunteer work by partnering with a nonprofit
  • Recognize employees for their volunteer accomplishments and contributions
  • Permit employees to occasionally communicate with their group by phone or e-mail while at the office

Something to Think About...
Volunteers gain a sense of pride and develop respect for others. Volunteerism creates an atmosphere of cooperation, productivity, dependability, motivation, and communication. Workplace volunteerism is an excellent team-building tool.

"The central struggle of parenthood is to let our hopes for our children outweigh our fears."
-Ellen Goodman

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