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Workplace Bullies

Summary: Bullying in the workplace often extends back into the home. Feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, and stress can often translate to displaced anger with children, spouses, and partners.

Adult bullies, like their schoolyard counterparts, tend to be insecure people with poor or non-existent social skills and little empathy. They turn this insecurity outwards, finding satisfaction in attacking and diminishing the capable people around them.

A workplace bully subjects the person to unjustified criticism. He or she may humiliate the person, especially in front of others. When the bully is in a supervisory position, he or she may ignore, overrule, isolate, or exclude the employee.

Here are a few questions to consider if you suspect you are being bullied at work:

  • Do you feel set up for failure by imposed unrealistic goals or deadlines?
  • Are you denied necessary information and resources?
  • Do you feel you are overloaded with work?
  • Does your supervisor take vital work away, replacing it with demeaning tasks?

Here are a few solutions employees can explore:

  • Speak to your HR representative for guidance
  • Seek the advice of a trusted mentor
  • If possible, confront the bully in a professional manner, but only if your physical safety isn't threatened
  • Don't allow the bully to intimidate you or make you feel bad about yourself

Here are a few suggestions employees can explore with their employers:

  • Establish an employee hotline
  • Instate employee advocates
  • Conduct peer-to-peer reviews
  • Create confidential employee satisfaction surveys

Something to Think About...

  • 1 in 5 employees have experienced destructive bullying in the workplace
  • 80% of bullies are bosses. A bully is equally likely to be a man or a woman
  • Bullying (general harassment) is far more prevalent than sexual harassment and racial discrimination
  • 53% of employees lost work time worrying about the incident or future interactions
  • 28% of employees lost work time avoiding the bully
  • 10% of employees decreased the amount of time they spent at work
  • 12% of employees changed jobs to avoid the bully

Are you being bullied at work? Has an employee come to you about a workplace bully? Learn  more about this topic via our webinar, Bullying in the Workplace.

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